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Men script t-shirt

Recognisable around the world, the Marshall logo has been seen on countless stages, in almost every studio, and in rehearsal spots since 1962. This traditional fit unisex short sleeve t-shirt features the classic Marshall script logo in white on a black background, so you can take it absolutely anywhere. Simple and effective.

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women script t-shirt

Since 1962 you could spot the Marshall logo almost anywhere that guitar music is made, but now you can rock the Marshall look anywhere with the Script tee. This traditional fit, women’s white short-sleeve T-shirt has the iconic Marshall Amplification script logo in black. No frills, no nonsense.

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Men vintage T-shirt

This slim-fit black unisex t-shirt is classic and uncomplicated, and just like our amps it also has an unmistakable style. With a small distressed white reworking of the Marshall script logo on the front and a much larger version of the design on the back, it’s perfect for any occasion.

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